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Metal Roof Coatings

Why Replace, When You Can Restore? 

Roof restorations cost half as much as total replacement. Synergy’s ProRenew line of products will help building owners save both time and money


Metal Roof Coatings and Foam Insulation are two commercial roofing services we specialize in to help keep your low slope roof in tip-top shape.

Metal roofs leak for a few reasons:

  • Expansion and Contraction – Changing seasons can
    cause fasteners and metal to expand and contract leaving voids in the roof system. ProRenew solves this problem by sealing all fasteners, coating and sealing all seams and reflecting 98% of the suns light.
  • Wind and Storm Damage – the ProRenew system helps bond all fasteners and metal membrane panels and can even prevent hail damage.
  • Rust and Decay – thorough cleaning and applying the ProRenew roof coating can help stop and prevent any further rust and decay from damaging the roof envelope.

 ProRenew protects against and prevent leaks, rust and additional roof repairs while reducing your energy costs and providing a more comfortable environment.


The installation of an SPF roof will vary slightly depending on the characteristics of the existing roof. Generally speaking, however, the process can be broken down into three phases:

  1. Prep Work – this can include perimeter flagging, masking off and/or mounting mechanical units, installation of a primer coating,
  2. Foam Application – the application of spray polyurethane foam at a certain specified thickness.
  3. Finishing Work – this involves the application a protective elastomeric coating over the foamed surface. Sometimes gravel or greenery is added in conjunction with a coating. The addition of the coating creates a durable, weather-resistant roofing system that can easily be walked on for maintenance purposes.

Metal Roof Restoration:
The Benefits

  • Coatings are 100% tax deductible the year of installation

  • Fast, easy, non-disruptive installation

  • Energy-efficient cool roof technology

  • Seamless membrane cures & prevents rust

  • Backed with long-term sustainable warranties

  • Stops water leaks

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SPF Roof Coatings

Protective coatings over foam roofs help prevent outside elements from damaging the SPF roof system.

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Cool Roofs

Qualified roof coating products that have ESCRGY STAR (DOE) certification can reduce energy bills by up to 50%.

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SPF roofing systems have been proven to last 30 years or more with proper maintenance and care. 

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