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Spray Foam Inspection Service

A spray foam inspector provides inspection services for spray foam insulation installation. This can include:

  1. Material inspection: The inspector will check the quality of the materials used for insulation and ensure that they meet the specifications of the project and supplier.
  2. Application inspection: The inspector will review all areas of the installation process to ensure that the foam is applied correctly, adhered to the substrate properly, and meets the desired thickness and density.
  3. A blower door test will be performed with thermal imaging camera to  perform a final inspection to verify that the foam is free of voids, it has cured properly and meets the specified requirements for insulation performance.

Written report: The inspector will provide a written report documenting their findings and any issues identified during the inspection process. This report can be used by the installer, building owner, or contractor to address any issues and ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.